Thursday, 24 July 2008

Anxiety - a modern illness?

We came across this quote recently:
"Anxiety is one of the greatest of modern ills. And it flourishes most in the fat
soil of security. It is a middle-class disease, endemic in those countries which
enjoy the highest standards of living and the greatest stability. We have
banished fear, which is a healthy emotion, only to admit anxiety, which is a
morbid one. We no longer wake up in the morning mildly astonished and delighted
to have been safely brought to the beginning of this day. We no longer spring to
our feet to satisfy ourselves that there is no immediate threat. Instead we come
gradually to consciousness, and lie in bed in complete safety, gnawed by
anxiety... The man who pins his faith on security is bound to suffer from
anxiety, for he knows in his heart that however many insurance policies he takes
out, he can never really be safe. This very night his soul may be required of
him. It is only when he turns outward, to some end outside himself, in other
words embarks on life's adventures, that he saves himself and exchanges anxiety
for mere fear."
Tom Price. Former Warden (Executive Director) Outward Bound Mountain School, Eskdale, England (1960’s), Mountaineer; Address to the RSA 1966

Now more than ever anxiety and anxiety-related conditions plague our society. It is time to stop; reassess our lives; recognise what is important and live consciously... because it's not a rehearsal!

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